The Northern Navajo Fair in Shiprock, New Mexico is upon us once again.  We are excited to be organizing the Elder Appreciation Day this year, not only because our older members of society mean so much to us, but, because we want them to know that they are wanted, needed and appreciated!  That we are appreciative for their contribution to our everyday lives, grateful for their honored presence in our communities across the great Navajo Nation, and finally, simply thankful for the valuable lessons and education they have bestowed to us.

Thursday: October, 4, 2018

8:00 AM Welcoming of Elders from All over the Agencies
Master of Ceremonies:  Shar Redhorse
8:15 AM Identify Groups of Elders from area
8:30 AM Introduction of Capacity Builders, INC.  Farmington, New Mexico
9:00 AM Entertainment: TBA
10:00 AM Elder Participation Exercise: Department of Behavioral Mental Health Fruit Scramble, R.Keeswood & Capacity Builders Inc.: Bingo
10:30 AM Entertainment: TBA
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM LUNCH
12:00 PM Capacity Builders Inc.: Bingo during Lunch
1:00 PM Entertainment: TBA
1:30 PM – Closing of Elder Fest
  Any Questions? Please Contact :
Capacity Builders, Inc.  418 W. Broadway, Farmington, New Mexico  87401  
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